Meet Aoife

At Barnardos, we work with thousands of children to help change their lives. Aoife is just one of them...

At three, Aoife was living her life in darkness.

Her Mum has had addiction issues and her Dad moved out of the family home soon after Aoife was born. Aoife’s Mum is agoraphobic, so she avoids public places meaning that they rarely go outside. With the curtains drawn shut there was no difference between night and day in Aoife’s world. She only ate tuna, usually straight from the can. She was often dirty, and sometimes had lice in her hair.

When we met her, she was already growing up to be one of those hardened young adults people try to avoid.

How did we bring light into Aoife’s life?

Aoife’s Barnardos project worker Niamh, designed a programme specifically for Aoife and her family. The aim was to get Aoife into a routine, give her nutritious regular meals, and help her Mum learn to look after the family, and herself, better. You can read about this, and how it has turned Aoife’s life around, in her project worker’s own words.

*While Aoife’s story is true we have changed her name and used a model’s image to represent her, to protect her privacy.

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