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29 July 2014 in , ,

School Costs 2014 - Interactive Report Now Available


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29 July 2014 in , ,

The real cost of Ireland's 'free' education

Dublin, Tuesday 29 July – Today Barnardos launches its ninth annual school costs survey. This year more than 2,000 parents responded, outlining the stresses associated with footing the cost of sending their children into Ireland’s ‘free’ education system. ...

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16 July 2014 in ,

Failings Prove Need for Further Investment

Dublin, 16 July 2014 – The death of any child and young person is tragic. These unnecessary deaths of children in care must be avoided in future by ensuring a robust child welfare and protection system is in place, said Barnardos following today’s launch of reports by the National Review Panel into five deaths of children in care....

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11 July 2014 in , ,

Children Must Be A Priority - Cabinet Reshuffle

Another change of personnel in the role of Minister for Children must not suggest the position is a stop-gap, said Barnardos following the announcement in today’s cabinet reshuffle and the appointment of James Reilly, TD, into the post. The children’s charity urged the Government to continue its 2011 commitment to improving children’s lives....

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08 July 2014 in ,

Does the cost of school put your family under pressure?

Please watch and share our short video about the cost of school. We're gathering information and comments from parents about the high cost of education in Ireland, in our Annual School Costs Survey. The survey only takes five minutes to complete - we'd really appreciate it if you could fill it out if you have a child in school, and please share it with any parents of school-age children that...

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