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22 September 2016 in , ,

Children Need Greater Prioritisation in Government’s Housing Plan

Today’s update on activity relating to the Government’s Action Plan on Housing and Homelessness has revealed just how much more has to be done for children....

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15 September 2016 in , ,

Funding Key to Delivering on Ambitious Action Plan on Education

Barnardos welcomed the Government’s Action Plan on Education today but cautioned that increased funding will be key in delivering on its ambitious targets....

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06 September 2016 in , ,

Ireland United – by supplying free school books to all its children?

Barnardos has launched a campaign to remove the bulk of current costs paid by parents in the Republic’s schools. They argue that instead the Department of Education should fully fund schools to ensure essentials such as school books, classroom resources and transport (for those who need it) are provided. Their initial focus will be on the primary sector and a recent in-depth report that they com...

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01 September 2016 in , , ,

Free Primary Education is a Myth but it could be a Reality

Barnardos is calling on the Government to fulfil its’ Constitutional obligation to make primary education free for all children. Barnardos hosted a seminar in Dublin this morning with leading education experts from Ireland and the UK in setting out the political and legal frameworks required to make free primary education a reality....

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03 August 2016 in , , , ,

School Costs 2016 - Infographic

1,476 parents spoke out about the cost of school in our annual School Costs Survey - once again showing us that the cost of education (which is supposed to be free) is placing parents under impossible burdens. See our infographic of the results....

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