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25 April 2016 in , ,

Quality childcare must not be sacrificed in Government negotiations

As talks on Government formation continue, Barnardos is warning that providing quality, affordable childcare is an election priority which must not be sacrificed. ...

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24 April 2016 in , ,

Two anniversaries with children at the centre

A year ago today, to minimal fanfare, a unanimous decision was made by all seven Supreme Court judges to reject an appeal to re-run the Children’s Referendum. It was a moment easily missed among the media scrum surrounding another emotionally charged referendum – one on marriage equality. It’s particularly striking this anniversary coincides exactly with that of the iconic 1916 Easter Rising...

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14 April 2016 in , ,

Further Proof Children Come Last in Ireland

As talks to form a government drag on a new report released by Unicef shows children are not a political priority in Ireland, says Barnardos today. The report which compare how children fare across OECD countries highlights Irish children face worrying levels of deprivation and inequality....

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12 April 2016 in , ,

Cases of Neglect Will Continue Unless there is Sufficient Investment

Barnardos has warned cases of severe neglect and abuse, similar to the case heard in a Galway court earlier this week, will continue unless there is sufficient investment and resources in prevention and early intervention work with parents and families....

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11 April 2016 in , ,

Time to End Party Political Squabbles and Put Children First


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