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23 June 2015 in , ,

UN report criticises Government's austerity measures

The UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has published its report on Ireland and has found the Government is failing to deliver on its human rights obligations in areas such as housing, social security, health care and education....

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18 June 2015 in , ,

Supporting Families and Young People in the Aftermath of the Berkeley Tragedy

The Berkeley tragedy has affected families and young people across Ireland. To help them through these difficult and upsetting times Barnardos has compiled some support information for those affected....

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18 June 2015 in , , ,

Qualification delay will have adverse effect on children

The delay introducing a minimum qualification requirement for early childhood professionals is a huge disappointment for parents and young children....

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15 June 2015 in , , ,

Make free primary education a reality in 2016 – Barnardos

Barnardos is calling on the Government to deliver free primary education for all children. The children’s charity has calculated the total cost of guaranteeing free access to education and found that an investment of just over €103m would ensure that all of Ireland’s children enjoy free primary education and would relieve the financial stress parents endure each school year. ...

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10 June 2015 in , ,

One parent payment cuts will push children into poverty – Barnardos

Cutting off the One Parent Family Payment when a child turns seven will push families into poverty, said Barnardos today ahead of a rally against this cut....

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