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26 November 2015 in , ,

Lack of Improvement in Child Poverty Rates a National Scandal

The lack of improvement in child poverty rates is extremely distressing, said Barnardos today. Today’s EU Survey on Income and Living (SILC) figures, released by the CSO, reveal the number of children living in consistent poverty has not changed significantly....

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25 November 2015 in , ,

Child Inequality is Blighting Lives; We Must Act to End it in 2016 – Barnardos

Dublin, 25 November 2015 – New research will be launched today by Barnardos at its Rise Up conference, uncovering the impact of inequality on Ireland’s children. On the eve of 2016 and the centenary of our promise to ‘cherish all children’ equally, Barnardos has invited international experts, national authorities and young people themselves to discuss the impact of inequality and highlight...

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20 November 2015 in , ,

The Rise Up for Children Conference, Nov 2015

Barnardos is hosting a Rise Up for Children Conference on November 25th 2015, where there will be discussion on the general theme of child inequality, examining the global, national and local impact....

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19 November 2015 in ,

Children and family rights debate

Barnardos in conjunction with the Legal Aid Board and the Committee for Judicial Studies are hosting a debate moderated by Dr Carol Coulter, Director, Child Care Law Reporting Project to discuss the theme children’s rights, family rights....

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11 November 2015 in , ,

Barnardos Welcomes Passing of Children First Bill

The final hurdle has been passed and the Children First Bill is on the statute books compelling everyone to take greater responsibility when it comes to child welfare and protection, said Barnardos today. The historic legislation passed its final stages in the Dáil today and the children’s charity is calling for a timely enactment of this long overdue law....

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