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22 July 2016 in , ,

Budget 2017 is Partnership Government’s first test to deliver for children

Speaking ahead of today’s Pre Budget Forum, hosted by the Department of Social Protection, Barnardos called on the new Government to act now to support those children who have been unaffected by the so-called economic recovery....

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19 July 2016 in , ,

Action Plan on Housing and Homelessness could end housing crisis

The Government’s Action Plan on Housing and Homelessness launched today captures the urgency of the crisis and includes positive and practical recommendations to end the crisis, said Barnardos. Although the children’s charity warned that the number of children’s lives blighted by the crisis will not change until the report’s recommendations become action....

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06 July 2016 in , ,

New Schools Admissions Bill to End Registration Fees

The new Education (Admissions to Schools) Bill by the Minister for Education and Skills Richard Bruton contains important recommendations, especially regarding a ban on admission fees and an explicit ban on admissions discrimination....

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17 June 2016 in , ,

Oireachtas report must deliver for 1,000s of children caught in the housing crisis

Having a place to call home is the number one priority for thousands of families in Ireland today, therefore the wide-ranging recommendations of the Oireachtas Committee on Housing and Homelessness couldn’t be more timely, said Barnardos....

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13 June 2016 in , ,

Every child facing educational disadvantage must be prioritised

The Minister for Education’s aim to publish an Action Plan for Disadvantaged Schools before the end of the year is encouraging, but must take account of all children living in disadvantage, not just those who attend DEIS schools....

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