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Barnardos Post Adoption ServicesBarnardos Post Adoption Services provides a number of services, including:

  • A therapeutic service for intercountry adopted children living in the Dublin, Kildare and Wicklow area. See our Children and Family Services Information.

  • A helpline and email advisory service for adoptive parents, birth family members and adopted young people and adults.

  • Training and support meetings for adoptive parents.

  • Support meetings and groups for adopted adults.

  • Support meetings for birth mothers with  Barnardos Birth Mothers Group.

  • Advice about information and tracing.

  • Specialist training on adoption issues for teachers and other professional groups.
  • Groups for adopted children and teenagers.

Barnardos Post Adoption Service has been running an independent and confidential service to adopted people, birth parents and adoptive parents since 1977. Over the years hundreds of people have contacted us discuss their feelings and experiences in adoption and to seek advice on a range of issues.

The Post Adoption Service provides support and advice to parents who have adopted from abroad, as well as a direct service to children. Attachment issues, explaining adoption, dealing with racism and accessing specialist services are some of the areas where we are happy to offer advice and assistance.

Birth relatives and adopted people can often feel the need to talk about their experiences. The Post Adoption Service can offer both a chance to meet others in the same situation through our group work service. We also offer individual support especially to birthmothers and adopted people who are considering contact with birth relatives perhaps through the National Adoption Contact Preference Register. The Register which was launched by the Adoption Board in 2005 gives adopted people and members of their natural family an opportunity to register their wishes about contact.

Adoptive parents are also welcome to contact the service to discuss any questions or anxieties they might have about their adult son or daughter making contact with birth relatives.

Barnardos Post Adoption Service Booklet

Upcoming events/support groups by Barnardos:

Barnardos Post Adoption Service will be running the following groups and trainings in 2018 (details to be posted over the coming weeks):

* Parenting Skills for Adoptive Parents- an evening workshop

* "Let's Think About Adoption"- a workshop for 8-11 year old adopted children

* "The Different Parts of Me" - a workshop for 13-15 year old adopted teenagers

* "Exploring Adoption"- a four session course for adopted adults

Birth mothers support groups

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Contacting us

If you would like more information about our Post Adoption Service, please contact us.


A: Barnardos Post Adoption Service, 23/24 Lower Buckingham Street, Dublin 1
T: +353 1 813 4100


T: 01 454 6388
(Open 10am - 1pm, every Tuesday & Thursday)

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