Jamie's Story

At Barnardos, we work with thousands of children to help change their lives. Jamie is just one of them...

At just five years old, Jamie has already been through a lot.

Jamie’s teacher had raised concerns about his appearance as he looked malnourished, exhausted and it was very obvious he couldn’t hold his concentration long enough to learn, interact or play. Jamie was hungry.

When Jamie first came through the doors of our Barnardos centre, he wasn’t interested in talking about what was going on at home. He didn’t talk about how his parents struggled every day to put food on the table because they are so financially stretched, isolated and physically and emotionally stressed.
Since coming to Barnardos, Jamie is making good progress. He is more willing to be honest about his feelings, as he is having more interaction with his parents who are beginning to really understand what it will take for him to thrive.

Every day, thousands of children like Jamie come through our doors. We can't help them without your support.


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