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About our eNewsletters

Barnardos Campaigns

Barnardos is one of Ireland’s leading advocates for children’s rights; we work hard to improve national laws, policy and practice that affect children’s lives. Sign up for our Campaigns eNewsletter to take action and demand change on key issues facing children today.

See recent issues of the Barnardos Campaigns email.

Barnardos Supporters News

Through the Barnardos Supporters enewsletter you’ll read stories about the progress children and families are making thanks to the generosity of our supporters. You’ll learn how we use our donors’ money and how you can help us to achieve our mission: make Ireland the best place to be a child. We'll also keep you posted about our many fun events.

Learning & Development

Join over 6,000 professionals working with and for children in Ireland and subscribe to our Learning & Development emails. We’ll send you notice and special offers for our training events and professional services. You’ll also receive our Early Years eNews-ezine, which covers news and developments of interest to the childcare sector.

Daily Digest

The Daily Digest is a compilation of articles gathered from the online editions of major Irish and international newspapers. The articles cover social, economic and policy matters as they relate to children and families. The email is sent daily from Monday - Friday.

See recent issues of the Daily Digest.

Post Adoption

Barnardos Post Adoption Service provides support and advice to parents who have adopted from abroad, adopted adults and birth parents; as well as providing a direct service to children. We offer support groups, workshops, training courses and individual support. Sign up to our email alerts to be kept informed about upcoming events and Barnardos' work.

Corporate Friends

Barnardos has a wealth of experience in developing Corporate Partnerships and staff fundraising programmes, with businesses from all sectors of the Irish market. Workplace fundraising is a great way to support Barnardos. The Corporate Friends newsletter contains information about upcoming events and initiatives for companies and staff to get involved in.

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