Other ways to support us

It is only through the support of socially responsible companies and their employees, that Barnardos can hope to continue its vital work in local communities. We have a number of ongoing corporate giving methods that your company and your colleagues can get involved with today, from direct financial donations to collecting bus tickets…

Corporate DonationMake a corporate donation

Help us with our fundraising in 2014 by responding now directly to Barnardos with a  financial donation, and receive Tax Relief on this support.  Your company can now claim a  deduction for any monetary donation as if it were a trading expense. Your company pays  corporation tax at 20%, so your corporation tax bill is reduced by 20% for every donation  of this kind.

Information on tax effective giving for companies

Payroll giving

Payroll Giving encourages members of staff to give regularly through their salary. It's simple - voluntary donations are deducted from staff members' pay cheque by the company’s payroll department, the amount donated being at the discretion of each participating employee. The company then forwards the proceeds to Barnardos each month. Donations of €250 or over a year (that's just €21 a month or €4.85 a week) are eligible for tax relief under the 2001 Finance Act.

And Barnardos is partnered with Payroll Giving in Action – an experienced payroll giving agency with expertise in this area, to help your company develop its own Payroll Giving programme.

Sweets for Life

Our partners, Sweets for Life, can provide you with a box of Barnardos sweets to sell at your reception desk or counter top. To request a box for your company, please email your details to corporate@barnardos.ie and a Sweets for Life representative will deliver them to your office.

Donate products and services

Can your business provide stock for our Barnardos shops, located nationwide? Barnardos is the first in the charity shop sector to offer a service called Brand New. Click here to find out more about this service and feel free to contact us for more information on how you could help our shops. 

Dublin Bus receipt tickets

Did it ever occur to you that you could be throwing away real money - and lots of it?

As much as €750,000 a year is going into bins across the county. Barnardos has been collecting Dublin Bus tickets for many years and exchanging them for money. Collect all the change tickets you can by setting up collection boxes in your office, or by organising internal collections and send them to us at Barnardos, Christchurch Square, Dublin 8.