Barnardos Fundraisers - Door to Door and Private Site Teams

You may notice our dedicated fundraisers at your door or in various shopping centres around the country giving passers-by the opportunity to learn more about Barnardos’ work and become a Barnardos Friendly Giant.

This is an extremely valuable method of fundraising for Barnardos as it allows us to interact with you - our valued supporters - face to face. It's a great way for you to learn more about Ireland's leading children's charity. Meet our outdoor fundraising team.

Why should I sign up with a street or private site fundraiser?

Barnardos relies on income raised through fundraising to support our services. In 2018 we need to raise over €6.5 million to ensure we can continue to work with the children and families who rely on us. By signing up to become a Barnardos Friendly Giant and committing to a monthly donation, you will be giving Barnardos the regular, reliable support we can count on, and you will be helping vulnerable children at risk to have a happier, brighter future.

Find out more about the work that we do.

Please note our fundraisers are unable to accept cash donations and we will never ask for cash at your door or at our private site stalls. If you wish to make a cash donation, please visit our donation page.

How does it work?

Barnardos’ fundraisers are a professional, experienced team who are trained to the highest standards. We do not enlist the services of any third party fundraising agency.

This method of fundraising is not only a cost effective and efficient way to recruit long term supporters; but it is also the most successful way of attracting more young people to support our worthy cause.

In 2016, of every Euro spent, 87 cent was spent directly to the work we do with children and families. 12 cent was invested in generating funds to support that work and 1 cent was spent on governance.

We report publicly and in detail, on every euro we receive, through private donations and from public bodies. These reports are contained in our Annual Directors’ Reports and financial statements, which have always been on our website and are available to anyone who wants to look at them. As well as being a charity, we are what is known as a “company limited by guarantee”, and that imposes certain obligations on us under Irish company law. Our registered charity number is CHY 6015 - Registered Charity Number 20010027 and Barnardos is also fully committed to achieving the standards contained within the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising 2008 and the newly developed Guidelines for Charitable Organisations on Fundraising for the Public.  

This new statement was developed by the Charities Regulator and exists to provide charities in Ireland with a Fundraising Code of Practice.


We welcome feedback from the public to help improve our face to face fundraising.

Barnardos fundraisers will be clearly identifiable with Barnardos t-shirts or jackets and will be carrying photo ID. There is a strict code of conduct that they must follow, and if you encounter any Barnardos street fundraiser, who breaches this code, please let us know immediately.

If you have any feedback on our fundraisers, please use this form, which can be downloaded, filled in and emailed to or printed and posted. Posted forms should be returned to: Barnardos, Christchurch Square, Dublin 8.

Alternatively, you can call us on 01 7080 475 to speak to a Barnardos representative.

Please ensure that you provide as many details as possible (location, description, date, time of day) as we need specific details to fully act on complaints or feedback.

Thank you for supporting Barnardos.



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