Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I volunteer?

Barnardos works with and supports over 10,000 children across Ireland annually whose wellbeing is under threat. Volunteering vacancies take many different forms within the organisation. Volunteers play a key role in supporting the delivery of our services as well as ensuring their continuity through fundraising activities. Volunteering is a great opportunity to put your own skills and talents to good use for a great cause. It is also an opportunity to gain new experiences and meet new people.

Who do I apply to?

You can apply to While the roles can be spread across the country in the Barnardos projects, the recruitment and shortlisting of the candidate is mainly done in the national office. Once you are successfully selected, all volunteers must undergo Garda Vetting and reference checks before being placed in one of our services or shops.

Where can I find information on volunteer opportunities which are available?

A full list of volunteer opportunities which are currently available in Barnardos are listed here.

Is volunteering very time consuming?

Depending on what type of volunteer you become the time you give varies from anything from 4 hours upwards per week. For example if you decide to volunteer in one of our shops you can volunteer for a minimum of 4 hours per week. However, if you wish to volunteer for our Wizards of Words Reading Programme you volunteer for a minimum of 5 hours to a maximum of 7.5 hours per week. 

What training / support will I receive?

All volunteers, regardless of which area of the organisation you choose to volunteer in will receive ongoing training and support. All will receive induction training; this information will inform you of the work of Barnardos in general as well as your role as volunteer within the organisation. Also regular support from your supervisor in the service will be available.

Do I need particular experience to volunteer?

No necessarily, it depends on the role within the organisation. Any specific experience required will be listed in the volunteer role description. However, in general, you will receive all the training you need once accepted as a volunteer.



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