Volunteering Experiences

Here are some experiences our volunteers have shared with us:

Veronica Browne, Volunteer Reading Tutor in St Finians National School, Finglas
When Veronica was asked what made her decide to volunteer, she said “I had recently retired, and I was looking for something to do and I wanted to do something with a little bit of meaning.  A friend of mine told me about Barnardos and the minute she said it I thought this is brilliant, this Wizards of Words programme sounds perfect and I haven’t looked back since, it is wonderful”.

Michael Lawlor, Volunteer Reading Tutor in St Canices Girls National School, Finglas
Michael was asked what he liked about his volunteering role, he said “I love to see the progress that the children are making at their reading. I’m part of a team and all the benefits that brings, it’s very sociable and we’re very mutually supportive.  We have a great manager who is also very supportive and fun to be with.  There’s good fun in the group, I like being in the school. The school is very sociable and the teachers are very friendly towards us and appreciate what we do, but most of all I like the feeling that I’m doing something positive for children and helping them out to develop in life”.

 Volunteering Opportunities

Seamus Nevin, Volunteer Reading Tutor in St Canices Girls National School, Finglas
Seamus was asked to explain his volunteer role, he said “his Reading Tutor role is to encourage and improve the child’s ability in reading. The tutors all work on creating a healthy relationship with the child.  We are always supported throughout by Barnardos and by the child’s school. Reading is a gift for life and it makes a very positive difference. Tutoring likewise makes a very positive contribution, hopefully a lifelong contribution to the child”.

Anne Muldowney, Volunteer Reading Tutor in St Canices Boys National School, Finglas
When Anne was asked what would she say to someone who is considering volunteering, she said “I’m been with WoW nearly a year now, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it and it has given me great satisfaction to see the progress that children have been making in their reading abilities, so this is why I would recommend this volunteering role”.

Rita Nolan, Volunteer Reading Tutor, Barnardos Wizards of Words Reading Programme since 2009.
Her love of reading and years of reading to her two sons and four grandchildren has helped her as a Reading Tutor role in St Ultans Primary School. Rita says “I feel at the end of the academic year that I’ve actually done some good and that makes you feel good. You feel good for helping the children so that’s why I would say go for it”.   

Cathy Wyer, Children Services Support Volunteer since 2012 with Barnardos Finglas Early Intervention Service says “Whilst you might be tired at the end of a session, you will certainly be energised by being involved. It is so lovely to work alongside the children, supporting them in their development and learning.”

Volunteering Opportunities

Denis McCarthy, Volunteer Reading Tutor, Barnardos Wizards of Words Reading Programme since 2014. For Denis, volunteering makes for a happier retirement and has given him the chance to achieve a long-running wish to teach at primary level.  Denis says “It has structured my week, I certainly know what day of the week it is and helping others is it’s own benefit. So I’d say anyone who’s thinking of volunteering go for it, it’s a win win situation for all concerned. It makes for a much more happy retirement.”   



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