Grace's Story

Grace is six years old and lives with her mum and dad.

Anne and Eamonn love their six year old daughter Grace – that much is clear – but love alone is not enough to keep Grace warm, fed, and happy.

Anne and Eamonn have to say NO to Grace every day. Not just the normal, everyday no’s children hear from their parents, but NO to the basics too.

When Grace is shivering in the cold winter nights, Grace's parents have to say NO to putting on the heating. If they do, there won’t be dinner that night.

And when it comes to Christmas time, it’s even harder.

Every Christmas Grace's parents have to say no to the presents Grace wants, just so they can pay rent.

For all of her six years, Grace has had to go to bed on Christmas Eve like it’s any other night of the year. Grace now knows not to expect anything at Christmas.

Grace is clever, kind, and trusting but she thinks she’s done something wrong. This year, she hasn’t even written a letter to Santa.

For Grace, Christmas is just another day. Her parents can’t make it special.

But your support this Christmas could help Barnardos say YES to Grace and ensure that she and her family have a happier Christmas and a brighter future.

Say yes to Grace

With your help Grace can attend our Breakfast Club where she’ll get a warm, nutritious meal every day. She’ll be able to join our After School Group where she’ll learn how to manage her feelings and play with other children.

Anne and Eamonn will also get the help they need.

A Barnardos Parenting Programme will give them the much needed support system they're lacking, as well as assistance in budgeting, routines, nutrition, and communication in order to give Grace the future that she deserves.

Please give what you can this Christmas and help support families like Anne, Eamonn and Grace.

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