Supporting teachers

Barnardos Big Active is a very special initiative that takes a holistic approach to supporting the overall wellbeing of your students - as well as teaching them the importance of giving back.

It is also a wonderful resource for you as an educator as it can support your own development and how you support your students. To support teachers in implementing Big Active in their classroom throughout the year, we provide participating teachers with lesson plans, tailored webinars and other helpful resources which support objectives and learning traditionally included in CSPE, PE, and SPHE.  

All three components of Big Active – Body, Mind and Heart – can be implemented as part of weekly activities which will support your students throughout the year.

You will find pre and post evaluation questions in our Big Active Downloads to help you establish where students are as they start their Big Active activities and where they feel they are on completion.

View our Teaching Training Video to learn how you can introduce Barnardos Big Active to your class or school.

Minding your own wellbeing

It is also important that you as an educator take care of yourself and check in with your Body, Mind and Heart regularly. We have a selection of wellbeing tips on our Wellbeing for Parents section. These aim to provide you with some guiance on how to check in and be kind to yourself. And you don't need to be a parent to avail of it.

Get in touch

If you have any questions or you have any feedback or suggestions on how Barnardos Big Active can further support you and your students, please don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected].