Facebook Fundraising Tips - Marathon in February 2023

Some top tips for Facebook Fundraising, to help you get going on your Marathon in February challenge.

Facebook Fundraising tips 

Change your end date

March 15th

Make sure the end date of your fundraiser is set to March 15th - Fundraisers on Facebook are automatically set to end after 2 weeks unless you edit the end date!

These few extra days also gives you time to get those last few donations from friends and family after you’ve completed your squats. Watch a short video with the steps here.


  1. Click “Edit” or “More” or “Edit Goal” near the top of your Facebook Fundraising page under the main image and headline
  2. Select “Edit Fundraiser”
  3. Scroll down to the box that says “Set the end date”
  4. Select March 15th
  5. Click Save

Pick an interesting cover photo

Update your fundraisers’ cover photo to the Marathon in February image at the top of the Facebook group, and the Barnardos Facebook page, or upload one of your own!

If you go to “Edit fundraiser” like above, and on the image click “Edit”, you can select from options of photos from the Barnardos Ireland Facebook page.

Use "Marathon in February" in the title

Include the challenge title in your fundraiser's name. e.g. “I'm doing a Marathon in February for Barnardos”. You can change this in the “Edit Fundraiser” section of your fundraiser.

Make it personal

Tell people why you are doing this challenge for Barnardos. Why is this important to you? You might find some inspiration for what to say on our website.

You can personalise the description on your fundraiser by going to the “Edit Fundraiser” section.

Sharing  your fundraiser

Facebook isn’t the only place to share your fundraiser so be sure to copy the link to your fundraising page and share it by text, WhatsApp, email or any other social media platforms you are on. And don’t be shy about asking for support. What you’re doing is a big deal!

Encourage family, friends and colleagues to sponsor your efforts but if they can’t donate, ask them to help you spread the word.

Post updates

Post pictures and updates of you doing the challenge on your Fundraiser. This will keep your page appearing in your friend's Newsfeeds. People need to see all the effort you're going to!


We have a handy FAQ’s page for the Marathon in February.

You can also ask questions in the Facebook group, or contact our Fundraising Events and Community Assistant Emily directly via email on [email protected]