FAQs - Marathon in February 2023

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about our Marathon in February challenge below!

Getting set-up

  • Q: I’ve just signed up, now what?

    Firstly, join the Facebook group we set up for this challenge, by following this link and clicking 'Join Group'.

    Once you're in, find the link to sign up to get your fundraising pack with a Barnardos t-shirt to proudly wear as you take on this fundraising challenge. You’ll find the link in the pinned announcement post from Emily O’Brien. In this group, you’ll also get tips, be inspired and find out everything you want to know about the challenge!

  • Q: How do I get my Barnardos t-shirt?

    When you register to take part, we will send you out a sponsorship pack, which includes your Barnardos t-shirt and more. You’ll be asked to fill in your details (address and t-shirt size) on our registration form.

    You'll find the link on the pinned announcement post from Emily O'Brien in our Facebook group!

  • Q: How do I track my marathon?

    You can use whatever is most convenient for you to track your marathon, your own phone has some good apps to track the distance you cover. Whatever you use, the most important thing is that you post updates on your Facebook Fundraiser so your friends and family see how hard you're pushing yourself!

    In your pack, we’ve also included a calendar to help you track your daily kilometres. But use whatever tracking method is most convenient for you!


  • Q: How do I raise money for Barnardos?

    Fundraising with Facebook is the easiest way to raise money. You can set up a fundraiser in a few seconds here [link works best on a computer/laptop]

    Make sure to change the end date of your fundraiser – they're automatically set to end after 2 weeks unless you change it! Once they end you can't restart it.

    We recommend setting it to March 15th to give you an extra few days to finish the challenge or to gather sponsorship after the challenge has finished.

    Also add “Marathon in February” to the title, then share the page with your Facebook friends.

  • Q: Where will my friends' sponsorship go?

    All funds donated through a Facebook fundraiser funds go directly to Barnardos. You don't have to worry about this - it happens automatically. These funds will support our work with vulnerable children throughout Ireland

  • Q: What should I do if a friend wants to donate but doesn’t have Facebook?

    They can give you the money directly, and you can donate to your Facebook Fundraiser on their behalf.

    Alternatively, they can donate directly to Barnardos on our website here: barnardos.ie/donate - ask them to note in the comment box that they are sponsoring your Marathon in February challenge.

  • Q: What if I don’t want to use Facebook fundraising?

    As an alternative online platform, we recommend you use JustGiving or iDonate. As long as you link your fundraising page to Barnardos Ireland as a beneficiary, once a month the money that you raise on your page is sent to Barnardos.



  • Q: What if I don't complete the challenge?

    What matters is that you have some fun challenging yourself. Cover as many kilometres as you can. You do the marathon as fast or slow as you need, in one sitting or over the course of the month - whatever works best for you. When it comes to your fundraising, do your best to raise as much support as possible and our team are here to help if you need any tips or hints along the way.

    Every kilometre you do helps and every euro you raise will help to make a difference to the lives of the vulnerable children Barnardos work with.

  • Q: I’ve had an injury and am having trouble completing my challenge, what should I do?

    If you’re injured or feeling unwell, stop your challenge immediately and check in with your GP. Your health and wellbeing must come first. Even if you don’t complete your challenge and reach your target, you’ll still have made a difference and helped children in Ireland

Any other questions?

Pop them into the Challenge Facebook group or get in touch by email to [email protected].