Children’s Bereavement Service Helpline Volunteers, Dublin

Volunteer Helpline

We are currently seeking volunteers for our Children’s Bereavement Helpline Service.

The Helpline is part of the Barnardos Children’s Bereavement Service, which is for children and young people who have lost someone close to them – like a parent or a sibling - through death.

This unique helpline service is for members of the public seeking information and support on all aspects of childhood grief. Volunteers operate this helpline telephone service, from 10am to 12pm, Monday to Thursday, from offices located in Dublin 1. 

Full training and support is provided to all volunteers. Volunteers will be required to volunteer one morning each week and also attend a team training meeting once a month.

The volunteer should have the following desirable qualities/abilities:

  • Ability to empathise with callers around bereavement issues
  • Active listening skills
  • Ability to participate as part of a team
  • Good self-awareness and communication skills
  • Previous experience of working on a helpline or with children, parents and families (desirable but not essential)
  • Computer skills (desirable but not essential)

To register  email to to get more information.

Why should I volunteer for the Children's Bereavement Service Helpline?

Nora Bourke, Children's Bereavement Service Helpline volunteer since 2004

"The title of one of the Barnardos’ booklets is 'Young Children grieve too'. As a person involved in education, I have spent many years observing the faces of grieving children, children traumatised or in deep shock. In the light of this,

it was a dream come true to become a volunteer on the Bereavement Helpline

and thus enable these children receive support. What I like to see is that the children's needs are met in a lovely bright child friendly environment. As a volunteer I am more often inspired by the wonderful insight parents and grandparents have and their ability to seek help while they themselves are grieving. We, volunteers have our own support system too, which is unique to Barnardos. While we are frontline support givers, we feel the strength of the support team behind us. The serious nature of bereavement is brought into perspective by mindfulness and some light hearted gatherings among ourselves”.