Case Studies

We’ve provided training to hundreds of childcare professionals, groups and parents over the past two decades. Here are some of the ways in which we can help.

Helping Sheila to develop policies and proceedures

Sheila operates a full day care service. When Sheila set up her service four years ago, she felt that she had planned and prepared for everything that she could think of, she had planning permission; parking arrangements; health and safety statements; registers; parents' leaflets and staff systems. She really believed that she had covered everything.

However, when Sheila was in operation for about a year, she began to realise that there were a lot of things happening that she had not bargained for, such as lots of time being spent on sorting out different ways of working between staff in their approaches to dealing with children, issues regarding fees, and other areas that caused her concern.

Sheila called Barnardos for some ideas, possibly around training, and realised that she did not have a set of comprehensive Policies and Procedures. Sheila booked onto a Barnardos public training evening event on this topic. As well as feeling fully informed, Sheila left armed with Barnardos’ Policies and Procedures guide and templates. Sheila felt well equipped to work with her staff to develop a full set of policies and procedures to enable her service to run much more smoothly.

Tailored training to spark a fresh approach 

The manager of a large community service in an urban area was finding that staff were feeling disheartened and lacking in motivation. Following discussions with the staff, the manager identified a number of causes. Staff felt burnt out due to a lot of social issues in the area in which the centre was based;  they felt their ideas were stale and weren’t really engaging the children. The children who attended the after school sessions were witnessing a lot of anti-social behaviour outside the centre with older siblings and seemed restless.

The manager contacted Barnardos and  arranged a meeting to review the situation. All options were discussed, and taking into account the limited budget available, intensive team training was planned. The training proved very positive, and the staff took charge of applying the new ideas and plans that they developed during the training.

Parenting programmes and school talks to tackle bullying

A school in a small rural town encountered a situation with bullying and suicidal ideation among some teenagers in the school. Following a discussion with Barnardos, the school decided to take steps to support the teenagers. They organized a programme of talks for parents and staff on bullying and its impact on children. This proved very successful, with great attendance from parents.

A parenting course for parents of teenagers was organised , which resulted in parents feeling better equipped to support their children and deal with the issues in their area. Barnardos Parenting Positive series of booklets (link to online shop Parenting Positive booklets) and our advise for young people proved to be a great resource for both parents and teenagers.

Consultancy to help a college provide improved child care

A large third level institution wanted to review their provision of day care for staff and students, examining their options for expanding and developing the service, which had been in existence for many years. Barnardos organised a feasibility study to report on the various options that would be open to the institution, including enlarging the existing premises; relocating and suitable places for this, and reserving places in local childcare services. The costs and feasibility of each option was included. The college was able to examine all the options and make a fully informed decision that truly met their needs for the future.