Children Learning in Natural Outdoor Environments

Children Learning in Natural Outdoor Environments aims to encourage you, an early childhood educator, to reflect on the natural spaces and outdoor play experiences you provide and to think about the ways you can make learning outdoors as intriguing and engaging as possible for young children.

The course takes approximately 60 minutes to complete and there is a quiz at the end of each section. You can pause or stop the course at any time, and resume where you left off. 

You can access a course certificate when you have completed the course.

Course Content

  • Section 1 explores the value of connecting children with nature and outdoor learning.
  • Section 2 introduces a set of key outdoor play principles that recognise and build on children’s innate love of nature
  • Section 3 offers guidance as to how these principles can be used to enhance the quality of the outdoor environment and curriculum
  • Finally, Section 4 considers some important aspects of planning for natural outdoor experiences.


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