Internet Safety and Cyberbullying Workshop for Parents

Barnardos Internet Safety and Cyberbullying workshop has been developed based on research, current thinking and best practice in relation to promoting online safety among children.

The aim of the workshop is to offer parents an opportunity to consider how they can increase their child’s online safety and respond to any instances of negative online behaviour.

Each participant will receive resources with information on the subject of Internet Safety and Cyberbullying.

Duration: 80 minutes
Group size: up to 35 per workshop
Contact: Training Team
Phone: 01-4530355

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“New technology is revolutionising our world bringing with it fantastic opportunities but also challenges. We have an important role in equipping our citizens, in particular our children, with skills to negotiate life in a fast changing 21st century and working together raise awareness to the benefits of technology while safeguarding our children online”Richard Bruton, Minister for Education and Skills – Government Action Plan for Online Safety 2018-2019

Workshop Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Discuss ways to increase their child’s online safety
  • Explore how to help their child understand how online behaviour impacts them.
  • Recognise the signs that their child is exposed to harmful online content and identify what to do next
  • State what steps to take if their child is cyberbullying others.
  • Develop a balance between monitoring and communication.

    This workshop is interactive and participatory in nature and builds on the participants experiences.

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