Internet Safety and Cyberbullying Workshop for Teachers

Barnardos Internet Safety and Cyberbullying workshop has been developed based on research, current thinking and best practice in relation to promoting online safety among children.

This collaborative workshop offers teachers the opportunity to consider what they and the school can do to create a positive school ethos, recognise online bullying and how to respond appropriately as needed. It has been developed in line with Children First guidelines and DES requirements in relation to anti-bullying procedures for schools.

Each teacher will receive a resource pack with activities on the subject of Internet Safety and Cyberbullying which they can use with their class to emphasise the key messages.

Duration: 80 minutes
Group size: Up to 35 per workshop
Contact: Training Team
Phone: 01-4530355

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“Government action alone will not and cannot remove all risks from the internet. Individuals, parents, educators, industry and law enforcement all have roles to play in making the internet a safer place.

As the internet affects all aspects of our lives, the only approach that will truly be effective is one that involves all stakeholders playing their part.”Taoiseach Leo Varadkar—Government Action Plan for online Safety 2018-2019

Workshop Outcomes

Participants will be able to:

  • Develop a whole school approach to Online Safety and Cyberbullying
  • Create a supportive school culture around Internet Safety and Cyberbullying
  • Recognise the signs a student is exposed to harmful online content and identify what to do next
  • Activate bystanders in relation to cyberbullying incidents

    This workshop engages teachers in exploration of the key issues in an interactive and participatory way.

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