Internet Safety & Cyberbullying Workshops

Barnardos provides interactive workshops for children and young people, teachers, parents and professionals on internet safety and cyberbullying. The suite of workshops seek to promote ongoing communication between children and adults on online safety.

The workshops are based on up-to-date information on child development, and preventing and responding to cyberbullying.

Topics covered include:

  • How to keep safe online
  • How to be positive online
  • What cyberbullying is and its impact
  • How to respond to cyberbullying and negative online experiences

Our trainers are highly experienced in working with children, young people, teachers and parents in schools and other group settings.

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What Teachers Say

We were delighted with the workshop and the students thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time out to support us in this important endeavour. We would be delighted to work with you in the future on other projects.

Rachel McGrath, Griffeen Community College

Both workshops went off very well. There was very good feedback from both teachers and I could see the children were fully engaged.

Una Kingston, Baltydaniel National School

The feedback was very positive from the parents on the night of the presentation. I think everyone took home the essential message of keeping communications open with their children and it came as a surprise to some of all the possible channels where cyberbullying can take place.

Sonya Burgess, Shillelagh No. 1 National School