S for Safe

Online Safety Programme

Welcome to 'S' for for safe.

This video is all about staying safe on line. It takes 10 mins to watch and with worksheets below for students and a Powerpoint for teachers to download in the links below. 


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  • For Students

    Here you will find more information to download with games and activities about Sarah, the leader in our online safety band.

    This lesson looks at keeping yourself safe online and covers:

    • What is your personal information and what not to share online
    • Safe ways for you to talk to others online
    • Keeping your passwords safe
    Watch the 10 min video above and download the work sheet 
  • For Teachers

    Here you will find a Powerpoint that uses the same content in the video, but allows you as a teacher, to use it as a lesson plan for 3rd - 6th class students.

    We have included notes underneath each slide which gives you guides and extension activities for older, more mature students (6th class).

    Watch the 10 min video above and download: