Workshop for Teachers

Workshop for Teachers

Barnardos online safety workshops for teachers are based on research, current thinking and best practice in relation to promoting online safety among children in schools. Our aim is that teachers leave our workshops with more knowledge about online safety, more awareness of resources and ideas on how to implement a whole school approach to bullying. For more information on the content and learning outcomes of this workshop, see the teacher brochure.

To inform our workshops, we have a survey about online safety for teachers. It takes 5-7 minutes to complete, we would really appreciate your response -

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Duration: 60 minutes
Group size: Unlimited
Fee: Free (€50 non-refundable booking fee 4 workshops a day, where one can be a teacher workshop)
Phone: 01-4530355


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Government action alone will not and cannot remove all risks from the internet. Individuals, parents, educators, industry and law enforcement all have roles to play in making the internet a safer place. As the internet affects all aspects of our lives, the only approach that will truly be effective is one that involves all stakeholders playing their part.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar
—Government Action Plan for online Safety 2018-2019

Download an overview of the secondary school workshop here.