Children’s Workshop For the Irish Ethiopian Adoption Organization, Cork August 20

20 August 2019 10:30 am - 3:30 pm Parish Community Centre, Wilton, Cork


This is a fun and interactive workshop for Ethiopian born adopted children age 8-11 and their parents designed and delivered by Barnardos Post Adoption Service. It is suitable for the eight to eleven year old age group - together with a parent each.

This summer workshop is specifically designed for children adopted from Ethiopia and their parents. It consists of fun, interactive activities including games, quizzes, art activities, video clips and group discussions.

The areas covered by the workshop are:

  • Understanding that adoption is a normal and reasonably common way of forming families
  • Exploring and normalising the range of emotions that can be associated with adoption
  • Considering different questions that adopted children might be asked by others and looking
    at possible answers
  • Responding to racism, dealing with difficult social situations and problem-solving
  • Understanding and respecting others
  • Promoting social and emotional skills that motivate and support friendships, such as empathy and caring

The workshop will be facilitated by Barnardos Post Adoption Staff. This workshop is 5 hours long and will include 45 minutes lunch break (light lunch provided)