Helping children understand birth information - a workshop for adoptive parents, 22nd Oct

22 October 2019 7pm - 9pm "The Sanctuary", 27 Chois Chlair, Claregalway


This is a workshop for parents of adopted children and teenagers. Facilitated by: Christine Hennessey, Anne Blaine, Denise Gordon

The aim of this workshop is to assist parents in making decisions about how to share birth information with growing adopted children. This area is often of great concern to parents and many worry about sharing too much too soon or what to do with limited, missing or possibly misleading information. Barnardos staff will lead  a discussion on how best to talk to your child about his/ her birth background while taking into account where he/she is at socially and emotionally. This workshop will be open to a small group of parents and absolute confidentiality will be asked of attendees to ensure a relaxed and safe learning space.