Raising Adopted Teenagers- a workshop for adoptive parents - Cork, Sep 26

26 September 2019 7.30pm - 9.30pm Parish Community Centre


A workshop for adoptive parents of adopted children and teenagers. Facilitators: Christine Hennessey, Cristin Ingleis and Tara O'Donoghue

The aim of this workshop is to support parents in understanding the additional task involved in parenting adopted teenagers.

What will be covered:

  • What are the teenage years about for all young people?
  • Understanding the additional layers for adopted teenagers- identity development, attachment issues in adolescence, managing race /ethnicity differences
  • How to respond to anger, defiance, over compliance, emotional immaturity
  • Coping with social media, smoking, drinking, sexual activity
  • Helping your teen to cope with secondary school, homework and exams, peer relationships
  • Questions adopted teens commonly ask
  • Sharing background information
  • Making decisions about homeland visits, search for birth parents