Webinar: Adopted Children Returning to School after Lockdown

16 September 2020 8pm - 9pm Webinar


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We are very aware that the return to school will bring specific challenges for adopted children, teens and parents, and the purpose of the workshop is to offer some ideas and support at this time to parents of adopted children/teenagers. There will be an opportunity to text in questions and comments both during and after the webinar and the Post Adoption therapeutic team will respond.

This webinar will build on the content of our recent very successful online session “Parenting Adopted Children in the time of Covid” for parents of adopted children/teenagers.

Topics we will cover
  • Managing your child's school related anxiety
  • Connection with your child
  • Friendships
  • Dealing with bullying and racism
  • Return to (regular !) homework
  • Birth family concerns in the time of Covid
  • Self-care for parents

Andrew Walker and Kasia Purcell

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