Webinar: Dealing with Difficult Phone Calls

13 June 2022 10am to 1.00pm Webinar Online


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This training seeks to provide participants with a space to explore a range of caller presentations, the factors that shape an individual’s reaction to stress and effective strategies to use when taking calls. The training is suitable for anyone who takes calls from service users or members of public as part of their role in the social care, childcare, education, youth and vulnerability sectors.

Following the workshop participants will be able to:

· Identify what kind of calls are most challenging

· Understand why a caller may present in a challenging manner

· Recognise core practice to use when dealing with difficult calls

· Identify and practice key skills and strategies for dealing with difficult calls

· Identify what skills and resources are available to staff (both within themselves and within their organisation) in responding to difficult calls

Trainer: Aileen Murphy

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Please use a laptop/tablet if possible so that you can see the presentation easily.

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