Making the Most of Supervision, Training for Supervisees

21 June 2023 10am to 4.30pm Online


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The aim of this course is to generate a positive relationship between supervisor and supervisee focusing on quality practice and, through this, to inspire and motivate staff in their work. This training is aimed at people working in early years, social care, social work, education, youth work etc. who currently receive supervision as part of their role to enhance their professional development and ensure quality service provision for those they work with.

Following the workshop participants will be able to:

  • Explore and develop their understanding and expectations of supervision

  • Consider the purpose of supervision

  • Examine the impact of good and poor supervision

  • Understand the roles, rights and responsibilities of supervisees and supervisors

  • Consider adult learning styles and their relevance to supervision

  • Explore how supervision can help the work progress when it feels stuck (using learning
    cycles and reflective practice)

Trainer: Deborah Nolan

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