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01 March 2017 in , ,

With small changes, Domestic Violence Bill could improve protections for children experiencing domestic abuse

Barnardos welcomes that the Domestic Violence Bill will be discussed in the Seanad today. Barnardos believes that with a number of small changes this Bill could improve the protections available to both children and adults experiencing domestic abuse....

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28 February 2017 in , ,

Reports into Abuse at Waterford Foster Home Harrowing in their Details of Systemic Abuse and Neglect

Barnardos welcomes the HSE’s publication of two reports into abuse allegations at a foster home in Waterford over a thirty year period. The reports contain a number of very worrying details about how abuse allegations were handled, and show a systemic lack of oversight and management in relation to vulnerable young people in the care of the State....

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22 February 2017 in ,

Barnardos Teddy Bear Raffle

Did you know that the Barnardos Teddy Bear Raffle has been raising vital funds for Barnardos for the past 10 years! This year was another great year for Teddy with over 438 companies, schools and crèches taking part across the country. Our Teddy has a big smile on his face because so far this year he has raised a whopping €45,600, with funds still coming in. These funds go directly towards ou...

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17 February 2017 in ,

Mount Juliet Estate team up with Barnardos

Barnardos were delighted to receive a donation of €1,437 from Mount Juliet Estate from their Christmas Fundraising initiatives....

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16 February 2017 in , ,

Child Homelessness Increased by 55% in 2016

Barnardos is appalled that child homelessness in Ireland is increasing at an unfathomable rate. It is outright shameful that rates of child homelessness have increased by 55% from December 2015 to December 2016, despite Government efforts to tackle the housing crisis....

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