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16 October 2017 in

Services affected by Ophelia

Services affected by Ophelia...

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12 October 2017 in ,

What do Teenagers Need? Support your Teenagers well-being.

When parents can understand the change their teenager is experiencing, it can benefit them in their parenting role and help them maintain a positive relationship with their teenager....

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10 October 2017 in , ,

Budget 2018 could have been more ambitious and braver

Budget 2018 is more of the same - another short-sighted budget which focusses on small short-term gains instead of a long-term investment in the future...

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05 October 2017 in , ,

Meet Eloise - our 4 month old teacher

Meet Eloise, our youngest teacher. Eloise started her teaching career last year in Co. Wicklow. Unlike other new teachers, Eloise brought her mum Sharon with her. Eloise was just 4 months old when she became part of the Roots of Empathy family....

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05 October 2017 in ,

Budget 2018: The Lives of Children Hang in the Balance

Children are the innocent victims of many of the challenges we face as a society: over 3000 children are currently homeless, thousands of children endure excessively long waits for medical assessments and treatment, one in nine children live in consistent poverty. A lifetime of damage is being done in these early years. Having proper supports in place can mean the difference between poverty or sta...

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