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07 December 2017 in ,

Positive Outcome for Families in Limerick

Barnardos' Homemaker Family Support Service provides home based family support that helps parents in a practical way in their day to day tasks at home. The Service provided over 80 families in Limerick with support and tools to improve their family life and relationships. Barnardos undertook an evaluation to explore the impact of the service and the benefits to the families who took part....

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01 November 2017 in

10 things you should know about Barnardos Library & Information Service

10 things you should know about Barnardos Librar...

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12 October 2017 in ,

What do Teenagers Need? Support your Teenagers well-being.

When parents can understand the change their teenager is experiencing, it can benefit them in their parenting role and help them maintain a positive relationship with their teenager....

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05 October 2017 in , ,

Meet Eloise - our 4 month old teacher

Meet Eloise, our youngest teacher. Eloise started her teaching career last year in Co. Wicklow. Unlike other new teachers, Eloise brought her mum Sharon with her. Eloise was just 4 months old when she became part of the Roots of Empathy family....

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26 September 2017 in , , , ,

Barnardos Support Group Meeting for Birthmothers

Barnardos Post Adoption Service will hold a support group meeting for birth mothers on October 2 in Dublin and will be open to all mothers whose children were adopted in the last 18 years....

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