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15 March 2018 in , , , ,

Survey - 95% of Parents Feel Overwhelmed at Times

Barnardos released findings of a survey of over 1500 parents into what it’s like to be a parent in Ireland today. The survey revealed the majority of parents feel overwhelmed at times, over one-third of parents (36%) feel they do not receive enough support and almost half of parents (44%) reported that spending enough time with their children was their biggest challenge....

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01 March 2018 in ,

Weather Leads to Starker Days for 1 in 7 Children LOST in Ireland

Barnardos children’s charity today called for support in their work with children and families across Ireland who are living in consistent poverty. More than 132,000 children are often cold, hungry and without the essentials they need to develop and grow – and the current weather conditions will make life starker than usual....

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27 February 2018 in , ,

3,267 Children LOST to Homelessness

Barnardos children’s charity is calling for a line to be finally drawn as statistics show the numbers of children living in emergency accommodation are increasing again after a brief respite over the Christmas months. A total of 3,267 children were living in emergency accommodation in January, which was an increase of 188 on the previous month and a 36% increase on the same time last year....

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21 February 2018 in , ,

Barnardos: 1 in 7 Children in Ireland are LOST

21 February 2018. Barnardos children’s charity today launched its new LOST CHILDHOOD Campaign. 1 in 7 children in Ireland are lost to homelessness, to poverty and to neglect. The children’s charity, which works with more than 15,000 families annually, wants to engage individuals, other organisations and the Government to tackle this injustice. They proposed a range of solutions that if acti...

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19 January 2018 in , ,

Reported Decrease in Number of Children Homeless is Reflective of Seasonal Trend

Barnardos cautions the reported decrease in number of children (3,079) registered as homeless in December may be a seasonal trend and cannot be relied upon as a true indicator of the rate of child homelessness in Ireland. ...

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