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10 October 2017 in , ,

Budget 2018 could have been more ambitious and braver

Budget 2018 is more of the same - another short-sighted budget which focusses on small short-term gains instead of a long-term investment in the future...

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02 October 2017 in , ,

Barnardos Urges Government to Invest in Children’s Services in Budget 2018

Barnardos has launched a campaign urging the Government to invest in services that would protect and encourage children’s development and potential – a key step in tackling Ireland’s extremely high child poverty rates. However overall Budget 2017 won't make much of a dent in the atrociously high child poverty figures. We were particularly disappointed with the paltry and piecemeal educat...

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29 September 2017 in , ,

Number of Children Registered as Homeless Continue to Rise

Barnardos reports on the devastating impact being homeless has on children and families as the latest figures released this morning indicate 3,048 children registered as homeless at the end of August...

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18 September 2017 in ,

Barnardos at the National Ploughing Championships 2017

Barnardos at the National Ploughing Championships 2017...

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18 September 2017 in ,

Homelessness is Stealing Childhoods, Help Us Protect Them


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