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23 April 2018 in , , ,

Barnardos Supports Call for Additional Funding to Schools

Barnardos strongly supports the call from the Catholic Primary School Management Association for restoration of capitation grants to schools back to 2010 levels. Every year through our school costs survey we hear from parents who are stressed, annoyed and over-burdened by having to prop up the school system. Parents tell us about having to forgo bills, cut back on daily expenses or even go into de...

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05 March 2018 in , , , , ,

Go Green for Barnardos

Go Green for Barnardos - Celebrate our national heritage, don your greenest garb, dye the dog green and do it all for Barnardos!...

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05 December 2017 in , , ,

Investment Needed to Break Cycle of Educational Inequality

Bank of Ireland staff have joined Mary Byrne in the recording studio to record their very first charity single in aid of Barnardos. The CD entitled ‘Wonder Child ‘features the lead vocals of Mary Byrne of X-Factor Fame and backing vocals from Bank of Ireland staff....

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31 August 2017 in , ,

Preparing Children for ‘Big School’ – Top Tips for Parents

Back to School signs and sales signal the end of summer for thousands of children and their parents every year. They also signal a huge moment for 4 and 5 year olds across Ireland – the progression to ‘big school’. Change can be difficult for both adults and their children but there are many steps parents can make to smoothen this transition....

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01 August 2017 in , , ,

School Costs 2017 - Infographic

1,834 parents spoke out about the cost of school in our annual School Costs Survey - once again showing us that the cost of education (which is supposed to be free) is placing parents under impossible burdens. See our infographic of the results....

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