Dell EMC celebrate Barnardos support with work of art

10 May 2018 in Fundraising, Corporate News, Featured

Barnardos were recently honoured to be at the unveiling of a new Mural in Dell EMC Cork.

The Mural was created by the People and Culture team in Dell EMC’s Ovens site to celebrate their partnership with Barnardos. In December children of staff were asked to enter a colouring competition to create pictures that captured the ethos of Barnardos’ work by focussing on the themes of family and education. 

Over 238 entries were received and these drawings were combined to create a beautiful mural now on display in Ovens for all to admire. 

“We are incredibly grateful to the teams across Dell EMC for their commitment to supporting our work with children and families”, said Aisling Andrews, Barnardos' Partnerships Lead. 

“This Mural in Cork is an exceptionally beautiful way of capturing this support. We were delighted to see so many children were engaged in this project and given the opportunity to express their talent and creativity to produce such a wonderful and lasting legacy in support of Barnardos. Thank you to all involved.”