Census Figures Show 10% of the Population Living in Overcrowded Accommodation with More People Than Rooms

20 Apr 2017 in Press Releases, Advocacy, Featured

Barnardos is concerned that today’s CSO report on Housing in Ireland, based on the 2016 census data, highlights an escalation in the numbers living in overcrowded conditions in Ireland. This confirms what Barnardos sees on the ground nationwide, with the numbers of children living in overcrowded conditions rising by the month. The CSO report shows that close to 1 in every 10 people now live in accommodation with more people than rooms. This is a rise of a staggering 28% since the 2011 census.

Barnardos CEO, Fergus Finlay said: “People living in overcrowded situations are all too often missing from the debate about the housing crisis in Ireland.  These figures show just how prevalent overcrowding has become. Many of these people are the ‘hidden homeless’; those thousands of families in Ireland who are living in substandard, overcrowded or unsafe accommodation, unable to move or demand better accommodation because they have no other options. These people do not even show up in the homeless figures. But their experiences can be just as traumatic.”

“Barnardos often sees parents and children forced to cram in with their extended family. They have limited personal space and this causes all sorts of problems. Children have nowhere to do their homework or play, and often cannot go to sleep until the adults have gone to bed. These families are often not given support or alternatives because on paper they are classified as housed.”

“All children need a safe, secure and appropriate home so that they can grow and thrive. Without this, we are setting them up to fail.”