HIQA investigation must instil confidence in Tusla

14 Feb 2017 in Press Releases, Advocacy, Featured

Barnardos welcomes the fact that the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) will undertake an investigation into how Tusla, the Child and Family Agency, manages child abuse cases. Scrutiny of processes in how cases are handled is required to ensure lessons are learnt and high standards are kept to the fore.

Fergus Finlay, CEO, Barnardos, said, “It is crucial this investigation is thorough and concludes quickly to ensure confidence in Tusla is maintained. Any failings must be addressed so it is important senior social work professionals play an active role in the investigation. Reassurances must be given that any complaints received will be handled robustly, consistently and in a timely manner. It is inexcusable to leave cases unallocated and ignored, thereby increasing the risk of harm to other children or damaging the reputation of innocent people.”

“Tusla has advanced the reform of Ireland’s child welfare and protection system since its establishment in 2014. But it has struggled from the start with inadequate resources. Best practices and processes will always collapse if systems are over-burdened and under constant pressure. So the HIQA investigation will not achieve its objective unless the Government accept that our child protection system has the child at its heart and is resourced appropriately.”