Identifying Quality Childcare

24 Apr 2015

ChildcareCreches have been under the spotlight in recent years and many parents are no doubt concerned about their own childcare arrangements.

Barnardos has resources for parents that will support you in consulting with your childcare and in choosing a new service if you're just starting out.

On our Website

Identifying Quality Childcare - a guide for parents on selecting childcare for your child, and evaluating the service once your child is part of it.

Free Publications

This guide explains to parents what the definitions of child abuse are; how they can help to ensure that their children are safe when in someone else's care; and what to do if they are worried that a child may be being abused.

A guide for parents who want to understand how they can work with childcare providers to give their child the best opportunities and experiences possible.

The aim of this guide is to provide parents with information about the value of early childhood learning and the impact it can have on a child’s quality of life, their whole development and their future opportunities and experiences.