Party Think-Ins must think about Children

12 Sep 2016 in Press Releases, Advocacy, Featured

Barnardos is calling on all political parties to put children at the top of their agenda in the run up to Budget 2017. Ahead of today’s Fine Gael party think-in, Barnardos is urging all politicians to prioritise children.

June Tinsley, Head of Advocacy, said, “As political parties regroup in the run up to the new Dáil term we want them to remember what is important- one in nine children continue to live in consistent poverty in Ireland today. These children haven’t gone away since the election and they deserve better from their politicians.

“We work with children and young people daily who are not feeling any benefit of an economic recovery. We know cuts to services have had a direct impact on the number of children who live in poverty or are homeless or are on long waiting lists for basic health services. These children’s lives and the adversities they face are not on hold while the Dail is in recess so they must be reassured that Budget 2017 will improve their circumstances.

Ms Tinsley added, “Budget 2017 is a vital opportunity for actions to speak louder than words and investment in quality responsive public services is what is required to change a child’s life. Children can’t attend political party think-ins and they don’t get to speak in the Dáil. They need politicians who will make tough choices on their behalf. Choices such as forgoing a cut to the Universal Social Charge and using that money to invest in free primary education, a quality, subsidised childcare system or more social housing.”

Notes to Editor


Investment vs tax cuts in Budget 2017

€75 million investment in services

€75 million in tax cuts

Give Tusla the resources it needs to fulfil its remit supporting families and protecting children


Link rent rates to CPI preventing more families becoming homeless

Raise the band A Capital Acquisitions Tax threshold from €280,000 to €500,000

€150 million investment in services

€150 million in tax cuts

Provide subsidised childcare to Bands A-D (as per 2015 IDG Report) to make it more affordable for parents


Free primary education for all children including school books, classroom resources, adequate funding for schools and transport for those who need it

Decrease USC 8% rate to 7% for incomes over €70,044


€300 million investment in services

€300 million in tax cuts

Build 20 new primary care centres


Mandate NAMA to build 2,000 social houses

Decrease USC 5.5% rate to 4.5% for incomes from €18,668 to €70,044