Positive Parenting at Christmas - Get a free Star Chart for your child

21 Nov 2016 in Featured, Parenting

Christmas Star Chart

The Christmas season is supposed to be a wonderful time for all the family, a time of giving and receiving. In reality, the holiday season can put a lot of pressure on parents, with children’s expectations being fuelled by advertising. The excitement of the season can also lead to children struggling to manage their behaviour and acting out.

Using a positive parenting approach can really help. Parenting positively is about listening, understanding, praising, encouraging and being a good role model for your child.

To support parents in positive parenting at Christmas, the experts at Barnardos have created a free pack to give away.  It contains

  • a star chart for your child, that you can put on the wall and use to compliment and encourage positive behaviour
  • guidance for parents on how positive parenting works, and how you can use it during the holiday season

What age group is it suitable for?

The star chart is best used with children aged approximately 3-6. It's an age when children need support with positive behaviour, and respond well to the encouragement that the star chart provides.

Limited Edition

We have a limited quantity of these packs to give away for free - don't miss out!

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Each star chart comes with an area for your child to draw a self-portrait - and we're giving away prizes for the best ones!  You'll get details on how to enter when you sign up for your chart.