Rent caps welcome but more supply needed

13 Dec 2016 in Press Releases, Advocacy, Featured

Today’s proposals in the Government’s rental strategy must be seen as one piece of the jigsaw puzzle in tackling the housing crisis, said Barnardos.

June Tinsley, Head of Advocacy, Barnardos, said, “Rents have been escalating especially in the ‘rent pressure zones’ leading to over 3,486 children and families being homeless so these measures to limit these increases are welcomed. Families need rent stability so they’re not fearful of huge rent hikes that will tip them into homelessness. Presently, many families are living in dread of such hikes or not asking landlords to fix damaged properties for fear of bringing attention onto themselves.

“The exclusion of new rental properties is particularly welcomed as there is a dire need to increase supply of rental properties to offer families real accommodation choices. Too many children continue to live in unstable, overcrowded and substandard accommodation which is having a negative impact on their development.

Ms Tinsley concluded, “We commend the Government’s plans to introduce rent caps and will monitor its impact throughout 2017. However, unfortunately, the Rebuilding Ireland plan has an over reliance on the private sector to solve the housing shortage which is resulting in many low income families being unable to afford suitable properties. Greater availability of social and affordable housing is paramount to tackling this crisis."

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