Safer Internet Day 2013 - Tips for Parents

05 Feb 2013 in Featured, Parenting

Internet Safety DayBarnardos has lots of free booklets to support parents, teens and children with issues like bullying, death, separation, domestic violence etc. To mark Safer Internet Day today, we’re sharing tips about ways that parents can prevent or stop cyberbullying at home.

What else can I do to prevent or stop cyber bullying at home?

Teenagers tend to be secretive about their online activities and can access the internet through many devices such as laptops, phones, iPods etc. Monitoring this can be a challenge for parents. Try some of the following:

  • Keep your computer in a communal area within the home so you always know who is using it and for how long. If your teenager uses a laptop, encourage them to use it in communal areas and not always in the privacy of their bedroom.
  • Have some family ground rules about the use of the computer – how often it is used, for how long etc.
  • Encourage ‘phone free’ periods during the day such as during family outings, at study time, meal times or while watching TV.
  • Agree to turn mobile phones off at bedtime so that there is a guaranteed period free of bullying.
  • Check ‘history’ files on your computer to see what websites are visited regularly.
  • You may be able to purchase anti-bullying mobile phone software. Check out for information.
  • You may also choose to purchase ‘parental control software’.  There are lots of resources for this available online.

More help and advice is available from Barnardos on cyber-bullying, including our expert speaker who can visit your child's school.