Sarah is Only Six Years Old – and She’s Already Given up on Christmas

09 Dec 2015 in Press Releases, Fundraising, Featured, Christmas

Today, across Ireland, one child in eight is living in consistent poverty. The reality behind this statistic is stark: this Christmas there are children in your community going to bed hungry or waking up in cold homes, and even some in emergency accommodation. Barnardos is asking for your help to give the 11,300 children it works with a happy Christmas and the brighter future they deserve. Donate today and help make a child’s Christmas –

Speaking today, Barnardos CEO Fergus Finlay said, “Barnardos works with families all year round – we provide the right support to children and their parents to help them get through and move on from challenging situations in their lives. This year I met a little girl, Sarah, and her mum, Fiona. Fiona loves her little girl and works as hard as she can to provide her with a stable home – but it’s a constant struggle and means that Fiona has to make very difficult decisions that no parent should have to make.

“Fiona is faced with a daily heartache of making very hard choices for her family. This can be the choice of whether they have a hot meal or get to turn on the heating that night. The choice between proper winter shoes and paying the next electricity bill. And it means that more often than a parent should, she has to say no to Sarah – even at Christmas time.

“When Barnardos met Fiona and Sarah, Fiona was dreading Christmas. But things have improved for them. Sarah is now attending our breakfast club and afterschool groups. She is making friends and getting a hot meal every day. Fiona is taking part in our parenting programme which will support her to give her little girl what she needs. Barnardos will also make sure that Fiona has something special to give her daughter on Christmas day. Sarah is just one of the children we work with year round – to help a child in your community visit”.

Year round in its 40 community-based centres, Barnardos workers see families facing extreme hardships. Your support will help Barnardos ease the burden at Christmas time and provide supports for children and families in 2016.

To find out more about Barnardos’ work at Christmas time and beyond, and donate whatever you can, please visit