School Costs 2017 - Infographic

01 Aug 2017 in Advocacy, Featured, Schools, Parenting

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1,834 parents spoke out about the cost of school in our annual School Costs Survey - once again showing us that the cost of education (which is supposed to be free) is placing parents under impossible burdens:

  • The average cost of getting a 1st year secondary student ready for school - a whopping €800
  • 69% of primary school parents are asked to pay voluntary contributions to help fund schools - and many are pressured and chased for this money. However, the survey results indicate a 10% drop in requests for voluntary contributions at both primary and secondary level compared to 2016
  • 7% of parents are forced to go into debt to cover the cost of school, with some having no choice but to resort to high interest credit card and money lender loans

You can view the main findings from this year's survey in this infographic, featuring key statistics and comments from parents. 

See the Infographic