Weather Leads to Starker Days for 1 in 7 Children LOST in Ireland

01 Mar 2018 in Press Releases, Featured

Barnardos children’s charity today called for support in their work with children and families across Ireland who are living in consistent poverty.  More than 132,000 children are often cold, hungry and without the essentials they need to develop and grow – and the current weather conditions will make life starker than usual.

Last week the charity launched its new LOST CHILDHOOD Campaign which highlights that 1 in 7 children in Ireland are lost to homelessness, to poverty and to neglect. The children’s charity, which works with more than 15,000 families annually, is calling for donations to support their work with children and families across Ireland. Donations can be made online at

Barnardos Director of Fundraising Mary Gamble said: “Snow days should be fun, most children today will hopefully be happily playing outside wrapped up warm and enjoying the day off school. Unfortunately for the 1 in 7 children living in homelessness, poverty and neglect the cold snap could mean starker days than usual ahead. The children who live in consistent poverty are often cold because their parents are unable to afford to heat the home – or because their one pair of shoes or coat are not warm enough even in regular weather.

No child’s access to food, warmth should be determined by how much money their parents have or where they live. Barnardos provides practical parenting and budgeting advice, and gives nutritious breakfasts and lunches to children in our services – to support this work please visit and donate as little as €7 a month to make a real change in these children’s lives.”