Thank you to our amazing 2018 National Collection Day volunteers!

Posted on Wednesday 20 September 2017 in Fundraising, Events, Volunteering

Thank you to everyone who gave so generously of their time or donated to Barnardos National Collection Day kindly supported by Dell on Friday 14th September.  

Donations from the day will support Barnardos work with children living in consistent poverty across Ireland. 

Childhood is short, yet the experiences we have shape the adults we become and the lives we go on to lead.  Children living in poverty spend their childhood on the margins, excluded from many things that are considered basics in society, the things that every little boy and girl deserve. 

Poverty affects every aspect of a child’s life which has short and long term consequences on their health, education outcomes and life chances. 

Barnardos provides support to these children and families when they need it most.

Based in the heart of some of the most disadvantaged communities in Ireland, our centres provide a lifeline to families giving them a safe space, a friendly face and proven programmes to help them escape the vicious cycle of poverty and improve their lives, no matter their circumstance.

Thanks to your support Barnardos can be there for these children and ensure that they leave our programmes with more confidence and on an equal footing with their peers, giving them the best chance at a happier and healthier life. 

Thank you.