Meet Naomi, the baby tackling bullying in school

We're currently looking for babies, instructors and schools to help transform classrooms across Ireland.

Posted on Tuesday 06 February 2018 in Parenting, Volunteering

'You just can't help yourself, but love her.'

7 month old Naomi is taking part in the Roots of Empathy programme in Toronto, Canada, one of eight countries currently running the evidence-based programme.

Roots of Empathy has shown a asignificant impact in reducing levels of aggression among school children by raising social/emotional competence and increasing empathy.

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Barnardos is the lead agency for the programme in Ireland and we're currently looking for schools, babies and instructors to get involved and help transform classrooms across Ireland.

Mary Gordon, who founded the programme, reflects on the aim of the programme, "Our long term goal is building a more caring peaceful and civil society where everybody feels a sense of belonging."

How to get involved

If you are...

  • Interested in becoming a Roots of Empathy Instructor or you know someone who would be interested,
  • a school considering hosting a Roots of Empathy programme,
  • having a baby soon and wish to find out about how to become involved, or know of a family with a baby who would be 2-4 months of age at the start of the programme (typically September/October), and who may be interested in participating,

please contact [email protected] for more information on how you can take part or learn more about this wonderful programme.