Unwanted Gift Appeal

There is something for everyone in Barnardos shops and donations of unwanted gifts, big or small, are always welcome!

Posted on Friday 28 December 2018

If you’ve received a jumper that isn’t quite the one for you, or somehow received not one, but two of your favourite books, fear not – Barnardos has a home for them.

Start 2019 the right way by donating your unwanted gifts to the children’s charity where each donation will help the organisations work with over 15,300 children and families in 40 centres throughout Ireland.

Barnardos has seven shops around the country, located in Carlow, Cork, Wexford and Dublin (Dalkey, Clondalkin, Kilbarrack and Dun Laoghaire). You can drop unwanted gifts into any one of the shops, safe in the knowledge that its sale will make someone else happy and at the same time raise money for Barnardos’ work.

What Barnardos Does:

  • Work with Children: Barnardos works with children to help build their resilience; by focusing on their social, emotional, physical and educational development
  • Work with Families: Barnardos helps parents strengthen their parenting skills, improve their relationship with their child and help them to meet their child’s needs
  • Work with Schools: Barnardos provides services before, during and after school to support children in their social and emotional development, which supports their education
  • Work with Communities: Barnardos works with children within the context of their family, friends, community and environment

Find your nearest shop

Speaking today, Bernadette Harrington, Barnardos said:

Every Christmas many of us receive gifts that, no matter how well intentioned, just aren’t the right choice for us. Rather than holding onto something you might not use, you could give it a much more special purpose. From clothes, shoes and accessories, to household goods, children’s toys, art and books – there’s something for everyone in Barnardos shops.

The gift that wasn’t right for you might be the perfect gift for someone else, and your donation will go one step further by supporting with children and families around the country. Start 2019 off in the right way by donating your unwanted gifts to Barnardos.