Exploring Adoption - A course for adopted adults

17th & 24th October, 7th & 14th November 2018

Posted on Wednesday 03 October 2018 in Events, Whats Hot, Adoption

Exploring Adoption is a four session evening course (taking place on 17th & 24th October, 7th & 14th November 2018) for adopted adults which allows participants the opportunity to explore issues such as: growing up adopted; looking for birth information; outcomes of searching for birth family; preparing for contact; birth and adoptive parents points of view and post reunion dilemmas.

This course will be helpful to adopted adults who are considering searching for background information, who have had an outcome to their search and/or who would like an opportunity to reflect on the experience of being adopted. A safe, confidential atmosphere is created and ongoing links and friendships are often made between participants. The service runs occasional follow up support meetings for those who attend the course and information about individual counseling is provided as necessary.

Please feel free to ring Christine Hennessey for further details at (01) 8134110.

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