Record Number of Children and Families Came to Barnardos for Help in 2017

Fergus Finlay Launches Barnardos Annual Report 2017 in Last Address as CEO

Posted on Tuesday 11 September 2018 in Press Releases, Advocacy, Events

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Fergus Finlay Launches Barnardos Annual Report 2017 in Last Address as CEO

Barnardos children’s charity today launched their Annual Report 2017 which shows the charity provided practical supports and services to a record number of 15,300 children and families in 40 centres across Ireland. The 2017 figure brings the total number of children and families helped by the charity in the last 10 years to 86,585. Barnardos provided practical and emotional supports to children and parents in its 40 centres, in families’ own homes, through the school environment and within their communities. 

All Barnardos services are designed to improve children’s lives. The charity’s direct work with children helps build their resilience; by focusing on their social, emotional, physical and educational development. All services are delivered with the safety and needs of the child in mind.

What Barnardos Does:

  • Work with Children: Barnardos works with children to help build their resilience; by focusing on their social, emotional, physical and educational development
  • Work with Families: Barnardos helps parents strengthen their parenting skills, improve their relationship with their child and help them to meet their child’s needs
  • Work with Schools: Barnardos provides services before, during and after school to support children in their social and emotional development, which supports their education
  • Work with Communities: Barnardos works with children within the context of their family, friends, community and environment

Barnardos CEO, Fergus Finlay said: “Throughout my time with Barnardos I have seen countless things you could describe only as heart-breaking. What I have also seen however, is unwavering dedication to the children and the families we work with, and a drive to provide the best opportunities and possibilities for the children in our care. Children come to Barnardos for a myriad of reasons, but each and every one is met with care and compassion. The number of those we have helped has grown over the last 10 years to reach a staggering 86,585 children and families. It is only with such a strong and dedicated team that we can reach so many, a team I have been proud to stand beside over the last 13 years in Barnardos.”

Barnardos Director of Children’s Services, Suzanne Connolly said: “Childhood is short, yet the experiences we have shape the adults we become and the lives we go on to lead. At Barnardos we work to improve the lives of children, to ensure their futures are as bright as possible, we believe every child deserves the same opportunities and possibilities. Each of our services was created to improve children’s lives and enable them to reach their potential in life. The numbers of those we have reached in the last 10 years has increased, and so too has our dedication to our mission - to help transform children’s lives through our services, support parents; and challenge society where it fails our children.”



Notes to editor:

Barnardos CEO

Fergus Finlay is retiring from Barnardos after 13 years as CEO on October 4th 2018. Barnardos incoming CEO is Suzanne Connolly. Suzanne, a social worker and expert in the fields of childhood development and child protection, has held her role as Director of Children’s Services for 17 years in Barnardos and looks forward to stepping into the new role of CEO in October 2018.