Join Team Barnardos at the 2019 VHI Women’s Mini Marathon, and transform the lives of children like Fiadh

Registration for the Women's Mini Marathon is open from Thursday 28th February

Posted on Thursday 28 February 2019 in Fundraising, Events


When we first met Fiadh, she was quiet and withdrawn, tired and listless. She struggled to stand and wasn’t used to walking. Her Mum, wanting to keep Fiadh safe, used to strap her into a buggy all day in their 6th floor flat.

Fiadh didn’t really know how to play and she had no opportunity to run around and explore.

But now, thanks to our supporters, Fiadh plays with other children every day at a Barnardos centre. She’s making friends, learning how to share and take turns. She has a safe space to run around outside, to explore and climb.

She is a bright and chatty little girl!

She’s too busy having fun to realise it, but her time in Barnardos is preparing her for the transition to national school.

When the time comes she’ll understand how to make and keep friendships. She’ll be able to sit and concentrate in class. Her little legs will have grown much stronger, ready to carry her wherever she may go.

Fiadh is one of thousands of children who need our help. You can be part of it and make a real difference to Fiadh and many more children like her, by joining our Mini Marathon 2019 team.

Join the 2019 Mini Marathon Team for Barnardos

We are calling on women across the country to pull on the green jersey on Sunday 2nd June and make a difference in the lives of thousands of children like Fiadh.  

Barnardos works with over 15,000 children and families every year to help them overcome the obstacles they face in their lives and thrive. The children we work with often experience severe disadvantage, suffering the effects of poverty, neglect and family breakdown. Our focus in all our work is the welfare of children and their families, helping children meet their educational milestones and increase their emotional well-being and resilience.

All funds raised by our Mini Marathon team will go towards our core Early Years and Family Support services where we ensure children get hot, nutritious meals every day and the developmental support they need to prepare them for primary school. Alongside this, we work with parents to help them support their children and address the issues they are facing in their own lives.

Whether you run, walk or jog across the finish line in the green Barnardos jersey, you will be helping to transform the lives of the children we work with.   As well as that, the Mini Marathon is a really rewarding, sociable event, where you’ll have a lot of fun and make some new friends.

Give a vulnerable child the safe and happy childhood they deserve and the chance at a brighter future by becoming a Barnardos Hero today.

How to take part

Step 1: Sign up on the Mini Marathon website (registration opens from Thursday 28th February).

Step 2: Once you're signed up on the Mini Marathon site, call Emma on 01 708 0438 or email [email protected]. We will send you a full fundraising pack with a Barnardos tech t-shirt and sponsorship cards, and support you with your online and offline fundraising!

Online fundraising

You can use Facebook’s built in Fundraising tool to set up your online fundraising page – it has excellent sharing tools and ways for you to encourage your friends and family to support you. Facebook is not charging fees, so 100% of donations will come directly to Barnardos. 

If you don’t use Facebook, you can instead set up your own custom sponsorship page right here on the Barnardos website, and 100% of the money you raise will come directly to us.