Bike 500km for Barnardos and support Children all around Ireland

Cycle 500km for Barnardos this June

Posted on Monday 13 May 2019 in Fundraising, Events

When Fiadh first came to Barnardos, she was so far behind her peers that we were concerned she'd never be able to cope with school. But this month, she's just been confirmed as ready for primary school and is SO excited about starting Junior Infants in September. You can help children like Fiadh this summer.

This June we are asking you to support kids like Fiadh get ahead in life by joining our group challenge, Bike 500km for Barnardos! 

Join the Challenge

To join the challenge head over to our Facebook group for details. 

We’ll all encourage and support each other via this group, but don’t push yourself too hard, and consult with your GP if you have any injuries before starting this challenge! 

The great thing about this is it can de all be done in your own time, so feel free to take up the challenge whenever and wherever you want. 

Please note that Barnardos accepts no responsibility and is not liable for any injury you may sustain while completing this challenge.